Quotations – Winston Churchill on Germany, Italy and Japan.

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‘There is no likelihood of a war in which Great Britain will be involved – the supreme interest of Great Britain is peace in out time. With that object our foreign policy should encourage France to keep a strong army, so that there is no danger of her being attacked by her neighbours. British interests require us to keep out of the quarrel which has broken out in the Far East and not wantonly throw away our old and valued friendship with Japan. It is in the interest of the whole world that law and order should be established in the northern part of China.” [ Possibly not an exact word by word quotation but as rephrased as directly as possible from the description given by the newspaper. ]
‘Maintain Japanese Friendship:
Mr. Churchill urges Britain to Keep Out of Quarrel,’
The Aberdeen Press and Journal,
25 February 1933, p. 7.
“I hope we in England, shall try to understand a little the position of Japan. On the one side they see the dark menace of Soviet Russia. On the other, the chaos of China, four or five provinces of which are actually now being tortured under Communist Rule..”
Winston Churchill in a speech at Queen’s Hall, London,
17.02.33 cited in
the Nottingham Journal, 18.02.33, p. 1,
the Belfast News-Letter, 18.02.33, p. 9 and
Blyth News, 20.02.33, p. 6,

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