Quotations – ‘Nazism suits Germany’

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“’The German mind gravitates by inclination and tradition towards autocracy.”
‘Hitlerism Omnipotent,’
The Aberdeen Press and Journal,
23 February 1933, p. 6.
“We must judge the Hitler regime by results. Ostensibly the Germans are far more attuned to a patriotic despotism than were the Italians.”
‘Ave Imperator,’
The Devon and Exeter Gazette,
24 February 1933, p. 11.
“Prussia is traditionally accustomed to such iron discipline, and has accepted it again almost uncomplainingly… German public opinion, although it has little opportunity for expressing itself, appears to be largely acquiescent, even preferring to have its conduct regimented from the top than to possess the liberty of speech and action which is treasured by democratic peoples. A democratic regime is evidently still a misfit for Germany, or at any rate Prussia, which glories not in freedom but in its bonds..”
‘The Outlook in Germany,’
The Scotsman,
27 February 1933, p. 8.
“They (the Germans) must have some love of grandiose force for its own sake, and they cannot get uniform politics and mass-marching out of their system. But this foible must not limit our deep sympathy for the mass of kindly domesticated, music-loving German folk – so like ourselves in so many respects.”
J. B. Hobman, ‘Liberty is Dead in Germany,’
The Birmingham Gazette,
4 March 112933, p. 8.

Note: The source for the newspaper icon was at Wikimedia Commons with permission LGPL.

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