Quotations – Hitler restoring law and order

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“’The possibility of disorder has undoubtedly to be reckoned with, but the danger is not perhaps as great as it would have been had Her Hitler’s claims been again rejected.”
The Western Morning News,
31 January 1933, p. 4.
“Germany is on the brink of a great political adventure under a Ministry headed by Herr Hitler and Herr von Papen. Let us hope that it will practise moderation and prove a success. In any case it look as though the deadlock which has prevailed for eighteen months in Germany has ended, and as if that country has a stable Government at last. ”
Editorial, The Daily Mail
31 Januar14y 1933, p. 10.
“Herr Hitler… is now on the side of law and order and there will be no reprieves for Communist law breakers..”
Editorial, ‘The Hitler Regime,’
The Scotsman,
6 February 1933, p. 8.

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