Quotations – The British press downplays Nazi crimes.

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“If you had spent as many years as I have in sifting the false news from the true, you would not accept unquestionably all the tales that are being poured into English newspapers offices by Hitler’s opponents. There is the tale that… Hitler’s men will hunt out the Communists, Socialists, Jews and Pacifists, and slaughter them as ruthlessly as the innocents were massacred at the time of King Herod. Knowing the horrifying effect it would have on world-opinion, would Hitler ever dare to attempt the murder of 600,000 Jews ? That would be the act of a madman. Can we believe, on the strength of rumour, and rumour alone, rumour we have no means of checking, that such a cold-blooded, colossal, and monstrous crime has been planned by responsible leaders in a civilised country ? In times of intense excitement tales like these seem to be distilled from the air.”
William Linton Andrews,
‘Would Hitler be So Mad ?’
The Leeds Mercury,
4 March 1933, p. 4.

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