Quotations – ‘A Bulwark Against Bolshevism’

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“No one will envy him (Hitler) the job. He is quite right in saying that Germany is miserable and that Marxism is responsible…. Regimentation on the Fascist principle, provided it is applied with brains and scientific regulation, should prove an admirable corrective. The forced labour proposal of Hitler is the only part of his scheme that is found in modern interpretations of Marxian theory, and it is doubtless necessary to keep the dupes of the Marxists out of mischief.”
Marxism for Misery,
The Aberdeen Press and Journal
2 February 1933, p. 6.
“Hitler may even get a mandate from more than 50 per cent of the electorate to carry on with his good work and destroy Marxism entirely.”
‘Hitler’s Great Drive,’
The Belfast Newsletter,
3 March 1933, p. 7.
“There is a mystery about the burning of the Reichstag, but there is no doubt that the Communist menace in Germany exists to a degree which we in Britain can hardly understand. To that degree, and a little more, Hitler’s army becomes a purely Fascist organisation, and if it is a case of merely smashing Communism, Hitler will spare no effort or violence. Russian Communism being what it is, all sane Europeans will be grateful that there is a Hitler to take on the job.”
Collinson Owen, ‘It Happened Last Week,’
The Sunday Pictorial,
5 March 1933, p. 13.

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